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Irish in Britain survey

Irish in Britain surveyed our member groups on their experience with COVID-19 vaccinations and 47 percent of respondents stated that they had been confronted with vaccine hesitancy among their members/service users. Respondents also stated that they believed the top reasons for vaccine hesitancy included social media influence, lack of trust in the health system, not afraid of contracting the virus and lack of convenience.

Member organisations that responded to the survey also noted some additional reasons that they had faced among their members and service users that had contributed to the lower vaccine uptake. The barriers mentioned included mental health issues, lack of trust in the healthcare system including hesitancy over the speed of the booster rollout and systematic barriers including people to being digitally excluded or being housebound.

However, there was also positive information received with some respondents stating that they had faced minimal vaccine hesitancy and had found take-up of the vaccine to be extremely high among their members and service users.

It was found that providing information to assist with accessing the vaccine and providing positive and true messaging to counter the negative social media influence was a positive one that has shown to be effective in encouraging the uptake of the COVID-19 vaccinations among their members and service users.

Through this survey it is evident that member organisations welcome this campaign as they work to protect their staff and ensure the safety of their members and service users.

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