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Help us update our bibliography

Articles, academic research, community surveys; publications of all kinds and in all media: they all tell the story of the Irish in Britain, and we want to ensure that the body of work is accessible now, and for future generations.

Our annotated Bibliography of Research details relevant research carried out since the millennium, and useful evidence of needs within a changing community. It draws together approximately 300 entries from a wide range of sources under broad headings Migration and Ethnicity, Irish Life in Britain, and Health and Welfare. In addition to academic articles and research, it includes community studies, oral history projects, websites, newspaper articles and documentaries.

Wherever possible, internet links exist so that readers can access free information for themselves. In some cases the copyright holders have created a Paywall, so the annotation will help readers to decide if a purchase will be relevant to them.

It’s now time to update it and we need your help. Since the last edition we’ve been sent suggestions for additions, or noted them ourselves, but what have we missed?

Please send us your own contributions, or useful sources you have come across. We don’t mind if we get multiple notifications – it’s better than letting something slip through the net. Please contact