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Healthy Ageing Project

We have officially launched our new national Healthy Ageing Project tailored for the Irish community in Britain. This initiative has been made possible through the generous funding of the National Lottery Reaching Communities Fund.

We will be working closely with our member organisations nationally throughout the next three years to bring this exciting project to life. 

The primary goal of this strategic health project is to enhance the overall health and wellbeing of our ageing community, while also informing a longer-term Healthy Ageing Strategy. 

Our strategy revolves around five key pillars: 

  • Building a community alliance 

  • Developing and strengthening support networks 

  • Providing training and learning opportunities for our members 

  • Improving awareness and understanding 

  • Advocating with policy makers to ensure the needs of Irish seniors are met. 

To achieve our objectives, we require your first-hand input on how we can collaborate effectively to maximise the impact of this project.

We will focus on the strengths and expertise of our member groups to promote engagement with Ireland's unique music, dance, sport, language and culture. 

How will this project benefit our members?  

  • Opportunities for volunteer/staff training to enhance skills and community engagement.  

  • Access to online and in-person workshops aimed at promoting health and wellbeing.  

  • Opportunities for sharing of best practice, member collaborations and increased visibility. 

  • Expansion of community health and wellbeing resources and data. Support to enhance and improve on existing health and wellbeing practices. 

  • Formation of alliances with groups and charities, fostering a stronger community network.  

  • Invitations to national events, promoting community participation and camaraderie. 

  •  Support with future funding for health-related projects, ensuring sustained support for our community's wellbeing. 

What we need from you 

We are asking for your input to understand the needs of your organisation, ensuring that the community's voice is heard, and the project is effectively utilised. We are eager to consult and collaborate with our member groups to determine the focus of our project, gather feedback, and gain a better understanding of their desired outcomes from this initiative.  

You can see what we’re currently up to here.

We would love to arrange an informal chat or visit to discuss the project further. Your collaboration is pivotal to the success of this project in supporting our membership. 

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 Contact for the South, West and East of England: Hayley Reynolds -  

Contact for the North and Midlands of England: Mina Sonariwo - 

This project has been made possible due to funding from the National Lottery Reaching Communities Fund for a National Healthy Ageing Project tailored for the Irish community in Britain.