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Mental Health and wellbeing

Mental health and wellbeing is an important topic for everyone, particularly so for Irish people

Evidence shows that Irish people are less likely to be referred for help by the GP and are more likely to reach mental health services through acute and emergency provision. Suicide remains a significant issue for the Irish community in London and rates do not appear to be reducing as they are in the wider population. Although somewhat dated now, there is evidence of long–term illness relating to common mental disorders such as depression and anxiety being prevalent among the Irish community.

There are numerous factors that can affect our mental health and wellbeing, many of which are also linked to physical ill health, including cultural influences, lifestyle choices and even the migration experience. However, unlike the majority of physical illnesses,

The stigma surrounding mental illnesses is a real barrier that often prevents people seeking help and support. Read about Irish in Britain’s work to reduce mental health stigma through its Green Hearts Mental Health Charter here.

Other resources

Intersectional stigma and mental health
Right to Thrive and Thrive LDN are Mayor of London, NHS, London Councils supported projects to “help better understand how discrimination… affects a person’s mental health and well–being”. 

According to the organisation HEAR (humanity, equality and rights), many of their member organisations were concerned that Thrive LDN’s methods of delivery (largely online) excluded and stigmatised those it sought to represent. To begin to address these concerns Thrive LDN commissioned HEAR to produce supplementary research based on HEAR members’ expertise.

Read Irish in Britain’s submission here.

World Suicide Prevention Day

World Mental Health Day

For support contact 

Samaritans Call 116 123 for free or 

icap London 020 7272 7906 Birmingham  0121 6667707