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The Emigrant Support Programme

The Irish Government, through the Emigrant Support Programme, provides funding to non-profit organisations that support and connect the Irish community in Britain.


The Emigrant Support Programme is a tangible expression of the Irish Government’s support of, commitment to, and interest in the global Irish community.

Our vision is a vibrant, diverse global Irish community connected to Ireland and to each other.

In 2022, the Government, through the Emigrant Support Programme, is committed to prioritising the following:

Our People

· New and innovative projects which strengthen ties with our diaspora and reach out to engage with those who are less connected to our existing networks, including digital initiatives, new ways of building connections and support for the vulnerable.

Our Values

· Supporting projects that focus on inclusivity and celebrating the multicultural diversity of our people in the under-represented and non-traditional diaspora.

· Encourage women and girls to be leaders of change in their communities and help promote gender equality and women’s empowerment across our diaspora.

· Projects that support members of the survivor community living abroad.

Our Prosperity

· Collaborative initiatives that encourage not-for-profit and charitable organisations to work together to rebuild and recover from the Covid pandemic.

· Support recently returned emigrants or those planning on returning to Ireland, with advice on work-skill training, job placements and business start-up resources.

Our Culture

· Projects promoting our shared Culture and Heritage, across sports, language, history, art, music, film and Irish Studies.

Our Influence

· Events aimed at expanding our global reach, connecting with non-Irish born members of the diaspora and those with an affinity to Ireland, especially youth leaders in order to build self-sustaining and impactful Irish communities.  

Applications are particularly welcome from organisations that have not applied before and/or new projects in geographic areas not previously assisted.

Further information about the Emigrant Support Programme and how to apply for funding is available on the Embassy of Ireland website , or by logging on directly to the website HERE.

Details on two information sessions on the 2022/2033 ESP grant round can be found HERE.