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Map of the Irish in Britain 2023

Our updated interactive map illustrates the Irish community's scope, size and distribution in Britain, by electoral constituency.

It shows that Irish people can have an effective voice as voters and constituents across Britain. 

This map uses data from the most recent census in 2021, and the previous census in 2011 a to detail how many people born on the island of Ireland lived in each House of Commons constituency in England and Wales, accompanied by MP profiles.

It also shows how many people held an Irish passport in English and Welsh constituencies.

You can search for your MP or constituency on the side tab. 

  • Scotland's census occurred in 2022, and the data reports will be released in 2024; we will update this map once that data is released. 

Please direct any queries to Christian Zik Nsonwu at

Explore the map or click on the image below if on a mobile device and find out how 'green' your area is.


For more data from the 2021 Census click here.