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Health Resources

Alongside campaigns on heart health and dementia and memory loss, Irish in Britain has published a number of Fact Sheets on health issues faced by many in the Irish Community in Britain

The Green Hearts campaign has also published a brochure and you can Download our 30 Day Challenge Guide which includes a whole range of tips and advice on how small changes can make big differences to your health.

We have also published a number of articles on other aspects of heart health and how to improve it: 

National Cholesterol Month

Salt Awareness

Drink Free Days

Healthy Ageing Strategy

At Irish in Britain, we aim to introduce a national healthy ageing strategy in 2023. In preparation for this strategy, we released a national healthy ageing survey.

Through this survey, we aim to gather a better understanding of the needs of our community so that we can ensure our health strategy is supporting in the most appropriate way to help members of the Irish community live healthier and fulfilled lives in their later years. Click here to read the results.

Irish in Britain Podcast Episodes

We will be adding podcast episodes throughout 2024. Our first episode focuses on Heart Health. Click here to listen to the session shedding light on the significance of cardiovascular health and discover practical steps to keep your heart happy.