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Our ‘How Irish Are you?’ campaign

Below are links to some of the media coverage of our campaign around the 2011 Census to ensure people were aware they could tick an 'Irish' box.

News West Midlands – “How Irish Are You?”

Islington Tribune – “Tick the Irish Box”

Wimbledon SW19 – Census 2011 

Irish Times (you need to pay for access to the archive to read these articles)

“I’m Christian, I’m Irish and I’m proud”

“Campaign to urge Irish and descendants in Britain to register ethnicity in census”

“Irish in UK urged to make it count”


PCS Union – “How Irish Are You?”

Labour Uncut – “The worldwide Irish AGM – St Paddy’s Day”

Blog: Thomas Parker – “Enjoy the Craic. Just one favour…”

British Religion in Numbers – “Census snippets”

Blog: Louise Baldock – Census 2011 – “Merseyside Irish & Proud campaign” – online – online

Blog: Clerical Whispers – “Churches urged to promote Irish”

Independent Catholic News – “Churches urged to promote Irish registration on UK census”