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Cuimhne Training 

Cuimhne is a culturally sensitive dementia awareness training programme that aims to promote new and evidence–based ways of thinking about dementia and is geared towards the needs of different groups.

Cuimhne, pronounced “queevna”, is the Irish word for memory. It’s a culturally–sensitive, person–centred approach to learning about dementia. Although many good training courses are available, they tend to be geared towards staff working in care settings, rather than volunteers offering luncheon clubs, social activities and those befriending or supporting carers. They rarely take sufficient account of the cultural needs of people from minority ethnic groups.

This training is aimed at people living with dementia mostly in their own homes in the community. It promotes new and evidence–based ways  of thinking about dementia which keeps the person with dementia and their carers at the centre of learning. The workshops are interactive and are geared towards the needs of each group with certain core elements.


Dementia Awareness increase knowledge about dementia

  • challenge negative assumptions

  • highlight the importance of social interaction and services that can help those with memory problems and their family carers

  • understand the experience of dementia for the person and carer, barriers to help seeking

  • highlight the services available

The value of diagnosis, referral procedures, assessment processes and support for the individual and carer through the diagnostic journey will be covered. Basic communication skills and strategies for coping with memory loss will be also explored.