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Pop up vaccination services

Could your venue help make COVID-19 vaccinations accessible to your local community?

To promote vaccine uptake among the Irish population in Britain, we want our member organisations to talk to us about potentially hosting a pop-up vaccination centre.

(Photo above shows MP, Ian Byrne getting vaccinated at the Irish Community Care Health Event run in partnership with Slainte Le Chéile, Liverpool Irish Centre and Central Liverpool Primary Care Network in January 2022).

Vaccination is the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones from being hospitalised with COVID-19. 

Can your organisation help to increase the vaccine uptake among the Irish Community?

Can you offer:

  • a safe accessible, well-ventilated indoor space for vaccinating people 

  • at least c350sqm of space is needed with accessible staff and public facilities 

  • parking onsite or close by for the staff running the clinic 

  • a safe accessible place where people can queue for their vaccination outside 

  • a separate entrance and exit point, so people can move through the venue whilst socially distancing 

  • exclusive use of your venue on the agreed date(s) and time(s) 

  • access to Wi-Fi to enable staff to use their IT systems 

Your local NHS team will:

  • assess venues on their ability to provide an area for:

  • arrival and check-in, clinical assessment, delivery of vaccination 

  • reimburse associated costs so you are not out of pocket by helping the NHS

Irish in Britain will:

  • Advertise the event through our digital channels and profile the service for a newstory

  • Support on the day with our Health and Wellbeing Officer and provide promotion materials

  • Provide small community grant to support administration costs for the event

For more information and or queries on setting up a pop-up vaccine centre, please contact Ellen at We are happy to help.

Vaccine Le Chéile Resources and Merchandise

We have a limited stock of free Vaccine Le Chéile merch available! 

If you would like to request some free Vaccine Le Chéile resources, which includes a campaign poster and information leaflets, we will also include some of the merchandise.