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Drink free days


Public Health England says introducing regular days off – preferably two consecutively – will improve sleep while reducing the risk of heart disease, liver problems, cancers and high blood pressure.

With many of us already aware of the potentially fatal implications from excess alcohol, why do we find it so difficult to make a change? Well, as Dr Julia Verne, a spokeswoman on liver disease for Public Health England put it ‘it’s become a habit and part of their lives’.

The good news is that evidence from behavioural science suggests that simple and easy ways of helping people to change their behaviour are the most effective, which is why Drinkaware and PHE have chosen to focus on Drink Free Days. 

Tips to have more drink free days:

  • Start small, set yourself an achievable goal and work your way up

  • Track your progress to reinforce your sense of self–efficacy

  • Find a new social hobby that doesn’t involve drinking alcohol

  • Clarify your reasons for making change – is your motive powerful enough to keep you committed?

  • Positive reinforcement – educate yourself on the effects of alcohol and benefits of cutting back

  • Enlist the support of friends / family /professional services

We’d love to hear about what you’re doing to achieve your target of more drink free days. 

You can find out more about the campaign and access resources here.