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National Feet Week

Good foot health is essential for an active life. They serve as the foundation for your entire body in terms of support, balance, posture, and overall well-being. Poor foot health results in the lack of ability to engage in physical activity resulting in a higher risk of disease, such as heart disease and diabetes, reduced endurance, and loss of muscle mass.

As part of National Feet Week, we are sharing Sarah Finucane (Footworks) information leaflet, which includes tips on how to look after your feet.

Promoting the importance of foot health Problems with your feet can stop you getting out and about. They can also affect your balance and increase the risk of falling. So it’s important to look after your feet, and report problems such as foot pain and decreased feeling to a healthcare professional.

· Feet carry the full weight of our bodies and are an important part in our daily activities. Our feet and lower limbs are often overlooked when it comes to health care.

· Having problem free feet makes walking and running more comfortable and overall good foot health can help to make you more mobile.

· Foot health checks help to diagnose conditions and treat them at the initial phase reducing the risk of complications and help to control the spread of any infections.

· Foot health checks help those with diabetes identify and control any possible damage caused by poor circulation and damage to the nerves of the lower limb. It’s also important to maintain foot health care as people with diabetes are prone to infections and ulcers.

· Foot health care can help you feel less self-conscious especially on holiday or in the summer when we prefer to go barefoot or wear open toed shoes. Treatment of conditions such as athletes foot and cracked heels are easy with the assistance of a Foot Health Practitioner (FHP).

How can I look after my feet?

A simple foot routine will help keep your feet in good condition, including:

· wearing suitable footwear

· keeping your toenails short

· regularly moisturising your feet

· checking for cracked skin, blisters, and signs of infection.

· attending regular foot health checks

Sarah Finucane, Footworks London

Foot Health Practitioner

Contact number: 07931 342818