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The importance of kindness in building our resilience

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Irish in Britain provides training and webinars on many aspects of maintaining good mental health, something that has become even more important over the past year.

Following on from last year’s “Building Resilience During Challenging Times” webinar series, we are preparing for our first session of 2021, which is with CVS Bedfordshire later this month.

Irish in Britain began these webinars during the first national lockdown and with the announcement of another full lockdown, many of us will be looking to our resilience reserves to help us through these times. 

There are many elements that can contribute towards building resilience, from ensuring you are getting enough sleep to staying physically active. Typically, the new year is a time when many of us set our sights on such goals, but there are also other habits are often overlooked when it comes to building resilience and improving wellbeing. 


Take Kindness for example, kindness is defined by doing something towards yourself or others, motivated by a genuine desire to make a positive difference. Research shows that kindness and our mental health and resilience are deeply connected.

Kindness can be an antidote to isolation by helping create a sense of connection, reduce stress and deepen friendships. Kindness to ourselves can boost our self–esteem and improve feelings of confidence and optimism. 

Even better, kindness is accessible to everyone and doesn’t cost a penny!  So, as we being this new year and another lockdown, take a moment to consider how being kinder to yourself and others can help you through these challenging times.

  • If your organisation would like any information on our webinars and training progammes, get in touch with our Health Officer Marie at