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The closure of RTÉ's long wave radio is the end of era

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Irish in Britain will work with members and partners to help RTÉ LW 252 listeners stay connected digitally.

CEO Brian Dalton

"The news that RTE will cease LW 252 for Radio 1 next month will have a particular resonance for those elder Irish in Britain who have a long attachment to the platform.

"Though we recognise that the transition from analogue to digital is in many ways inevitable, the notice window is short. The impact of the closure on isolated listeners, particularly those who have specific health needs such as dementia, is significant.

"We know from our own research in 2016 that the majority of users were over 60 and used the service daily.

"There is now a shared responsibility to support those who rely on the service to access alternative platforms and we will work with our member organisations, many of who support the elder Irish community here in Britain in that task.

"It will mark the end of an era for many of the Irish in Britain and we are mindful of the role that RTÉ plays in keeping Irish people in Britain and beyond informed and connected with home.

"Our priority now will be to work with our partners across the network to support those who have relied on the service to access digital alternatives."