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Ashford Place

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Danny Maher


020 8208 8590



60 Ashford Road, Cricklewood, NW2 6TU

Ashford Place is a community resource centre, providing advice and practical support on a wide range of issues including; homelessness, training, employment and health.

On 6th September 2013, established community advice and support service Cricklewood Homeless Concern became Ashford Place. Cricklewood Homeless Concern was originally started in 1983 by a group of local residents from St Agnes Parish. They had seen homeless people rough sleeping in the area, and wanted to do something to help. In 1983 the doors of Cricklewood Homeless Concern opened as a soup kitchen for those in need.

As our reputation for providing advice and support services grew, so did the number of people who came to us for help. Day to day we saw the increasing array of problems being faced by the community, and we expanded our service profile to meet those needs.

Over the past 30 years we have grown to become a resource for the entire community, not just those who are homeless. We support and facilitate positive change for individuals through the provision of a range of programmes including; housing, health, training and employment. At the same time we develop services that build capacity and enhance the lives of the local community. 

And so, to reflect our wider reaching objectives and inclusive approach, we have renamed ourselves – Ashford Place