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The Colour of Love, Mixed Marriage and Dementia Care

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Irish in Britain's Cuimhne Thoughtful Thursday on The Colour of Love, Mixed Marriage and Dementia Care with guest speaker Anne Rossiter

The Colour of Love, Mixed Marriage and Dementia Care

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This Cuimhne session is open to all and may be of special interest to:

  • community members of all ages from across Irish in Britain, including people with older Irish friends and relatives and family carers of people living with dementia

  • people in mixed marriages and intercultural relationships including those caring for partners

  • front line staff, volunteers and trustees across our network of organisations seeking to engage in reminiscence work with older people or support younger generations trying to understand the experiences of older relatives

To facilitate everyone's comfort, you can join this Thoughtful Thursday with a cup of tea without being visible or heard.

Questions are welcomed and will be put to Anne by panellists Dr Mary Tilki, Zibiah Loakthar and Aisling McDowell

You may send these to the panel in advance by emailing or type questions into the chat on the day

Live captioning will be available on the day to assist access for people with hearing loss.

Anne Rossiter

Anne was born in 1943 and grew up in the village of Bruree, Co. Limerick in the Republic of Ireland. After gaining her School Leaving Certificate at age eighteen, she emigrated to England where she became an odd-jobber cum part-time student.

In the mid-1960s she went to live in France and Spain for several years and finally settled in London with her partner, Gautam Appa, from the Indian state of Gujarat. She continued her education part-time and became a teacher at the College of North West London where, among other subjects, she taught Irish Studies.

Anne has long been an activist in the anti-imperialist and anti-racist movements. However, her main political work has been in the Irish women’s movement in Britain.

She covers one aspect of this in her book published in 2009: Ireland’s Hidden Diaspora: the abortion trail and the making of a London-Irish underground, 1980-2000, on the subject of practical support for Irish abortion seekers in a sector of the London-Irish community.

Another book, tentatively entitled, A Question of Difference: recollections of political activism on feminism, colonialism and nationalism in London during the Troubles, is currently in progress.

‘The Colour of Love: Mixed Race Relationships’ is the title of a book by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and Anne Montague published by Virago Press, London, 1992.

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