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Help a Phd student with their research on a topic relating to the Irish community

Many students working on a PhD relating to the Irish community need to talk to many people for their research. See the list of current students and get in touch to help.

See below the list of people currently looking for help with their work and contact them if you would like to find out more, take part and / or share this news with others.


Migration and Assistance: Irish Unmarried Mothers in Britain 1926–1967 

Lorraine Grimes needs participants for oral history interviews. She would like to speak to people about the emigration of Irish unmarried mothers, the reason for their emigration and their experiences in Britain. Contact for more information and to get involved and feel free to share.


How Irish people in Britain use media to keep in touch with Ireland and Irish identity

Contact Dan Dwyer by email to fix a time/ date to offer details of your own experience and or share with others.