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Analysis of 2021 Census data: invitation to tender

Irish in Britain is seeking invitations to tender for an Irish community report with national and regional dimensions which will present and discuss relevant data from the 2021 Census.

It envisages that such a product will assist in informing the work of Irish in Britain, key stakeholders and our members. We invite tenders for the production of these items on the basis of the guidance set out below. 

(A) A report presenting and discussing data for England, Wales, London, Midlands (East and West), and Northwest to include tables and commentary as follows, on the basis of the ethnic data from the 2021 Census, including the ‘Irish’ data: 

Please note the list below is an indicative not a definitive list. 


  • Comparatively older population

  • Single or two pensioner households 

  • Irish Passport holders 

  • Gender and Sexual Identity

  • Level of unpaid care

  • Percentage of population cared for in communal establishments. To include, areas included in these stats include psychiatric hospitals & homes, Nursing homes, residential care homes, Prison service establishments, Probation/bail hostels

  • Analytical tables including tables broken down by Age and Gender; the following age-bands to be used for analysis – 16-24; 25-74 Economic activity and inactivity; 16-74 Types of Work; 16 and pensionable age Unpaid Carers; 05-15, 16-49, 50-64, 65+ Limiting long term illness.   

Education and qualifications 

  • Attainment and proportion with no qualifications 

  • Apprenticeships  


  • Economic activity & inactivity 

  • Employment status 

  • Concentrations by gender 

  • Men – construction 

  • Men in elementary type occupations

  • Both – health & social services 

  • Both – professional occupations  


  • Limiting long-term illness  

  • Health status

  • Disability rates among the Irish community  

  • Type of disability  

Housing & amenities 

  • Proportion own home

  • Live alone 

  • Proportion social housing 

  • Percentage in privately rented accommodation 

  • Proportion with no central heating 

  • Proportion with no car  

Comparative Groups 

This data must be presented in a comparative form contrasting the Irish with the White group and other minority ethnic groups. Comparisons must be made with: 

  • Sub-category analysing Irish Traveller/GRT demographics 

  • White British

  • Other White 

  • Indian 

  • Pakistani 

  • Bangladeshi 

  • Caribbean

  • Black African 

  • Chinese 

Full discussion of the data at each level (national and regional areas) could be unduly repetitive. Additionally, researchers will be asked to make comparisons to the 2011 census data. 

Those submitting tenders are invited to indicate how unnecessary repetitiveness may be avoided while maintaining the usefulness of the proposed products for Irish in Britain and its affiliates. 

Proposed timeframe 

It is expected that the work will be completed and released with the staged release of data from ONS. This will be in conjunction with ONS schedule release (Phase 1 – Autumn 2022, Phase 2 – Winter 2022, Phase 3 – Release of UK data – Spring 2023).  

Indicative budget 

Funding to support the fee and other costs of the research will be in the region of £17,000-£22,000 for the provision of reports with tables and commentary. Cost effective proposals will be weighted and taken into consideration by the review panel.  

Tendering process 

Tenders should include the following information: 

  • Name, Address, E-mail and Phone numbers of the person(s) tendering 

  • Qualifications and experience of the person(s) who will carry out the research 

  • Details of similar work undertaken, including in relation to 2021 Census data 

  • Outline of proposed methodology, including milestones and timeframe 

  • Cost/Budget broken down by stages/tasks 


A Steering Group of Irish in Britain Board and Staff members. 

Statement of Ownership 

Irish in Britain will own all data, materials and reports produced in relation to this tender in whole. This product will serve as an informative guide for Irish in Britain and other charities, it will be available in the public domain through the Irish in Britain website.  

Acknowledgment of Authorship 

While ownership of the data and reports would remain with Irish in Britain, acknowledgements of research authorship and affiliation would be explicit. Subject to the provision of products of an acceptable standard to Irish in Britain by the person(s) contracted to produce the tables and commentaries, their authorship will be acknowledged in any materials produced. 

Deadline for Proposals 

All tenders should be received by e-mail by 5pm Friday 6 May 2022 

Please forward to Christian Zik Nsonwu: