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FEB 2015

Please find the three PowerPoint presentations that were given at the February 2015 Policy Advisory Group


The three Power Points that follow consist of the presentations made at the event which took place in February 2015 as part of our program of bringing innovative developments and opportunities to the attention of our members and partners. Two of the presentations illustrate the willingness of members of statutory bodies to work with voluntary, service delivering bodies, and one of them shows that even where no money is available to fund a new project, innovative managers can sometimes find the human resources to do so.

We invited the CQC to speak because this is a newly reinvigorated body which has the very important role of maintain standards in the delivery of health and care services, and we wished to bring their work to the attention of our members and their partners. We asked Irish Network Stevenage and Hertfordshire Health Service Trust to present because we felt that their project was innovative, that it was geared towards an important section of our population, and that it incorporated an interesting intergenerational aspect (while this presentation is purely visual, an account of the project itself can be found in Nasriah Jamaludin’s Some new developments and partnerships in the Irish Voluntary Sector which is available here, and the images and Nasriah’s analysis will bring the project to life). We asked Rose Thompson to speak to us about the various aspects of her inspirational work in raising awareness of cancer issues in her own and other BME communities.