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Will Writing and Power of Attorney Services | Legal Services | Irish in Britain

In response to the frequent queries we receive and the many concerns of our members about the number of older Irish people who fail to make a Will or set up a Power of Attorney; we are delighted to announce our new partnership with Irwin Mitchell solicitors.

imThe law around Wills and Estates and Power of Attorney can seem complicated so we have been working with Irwin Mitchell solicitors to think about how to address this. Irwin Mitchell have the experience and expertise to make it as simple as possible and are able communicate in plain English. Their level of professionalism, support of the Irish community and trusted name made Irwin Mitchell our only choice when seeking to offer this service.

Click here to download the Irish in Britain form to begin the process or click here to visit the Irwin Mitchell site.

Many of us prefer not to dwell too long on this part of our lives; some of us avoid the conversation completely. It’s hard to talk about our own death or that of those we love. Planning for it can be scary but it is is better for older people and their families to think about how to ensure people are looked after. End of life planning should be an integral element of care and support offered to individuals by Irish charities. Both Irish in Britain and our members can take the lead in this.

We know that many older Irish people are worried about losing the ability to manage their finances or are unsure who will make decisions about their welfare in later life. We are now able to support them to think about what they want to happen and to make a Lasting Power of Attorney or a Will.

We know also that many people, once they do decide to make a will, like to think about leaving a little legacy to a charity. Our member organisations have told us that they would never feel comfortable asking their service users to leave money to them, despite being their main source of social care and support over many years.  Often individuals will leave a gift to their local cancer charity who they may only have been in contact with for a few months, never considering leaving a gift to the services who have cared most for them.

At Irish in Britain, we want to promote the idea of making wills to Irish people, ensuring they and their families are protected and supported. We also want to make it easier for people to consider leaving something to their local Irish charity or another charity of their choice. So we have teamed up with Irwin Mitchell who will provide a will writing service for Irish people across Britain seeking to provide for their family and consider a donation to a charity.

Go to the Irwin Mitchell website for further details here.  

You can also call the dedicated number to speak directly to an expert at Irwin Mitchell – just call 0330 1231207