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The Irish in Britain experience significant health inequalities. We are the only immigrant group whose physical and mental health deteriorates after leaving our own country and settling in Britain. Research has shown that these health problems continue to be experienced by our children and grandchildren. These are 2nd and 3rd generations of Irish migrants.

The facts are alarming:

We work to ensure that the Department of Health, NHS and other statutory organisations cater for the Irish community across the broad health spectrum. We advise the statutory sector on developing culturally appropriate health services that are accessible for the Irish community.

We represent the health agenda of the Irish community at key governmental and statutory level, for example at the National Cancer Strategy Group. Keeping up to date with developments in health policy is a key part of our work, we also respond to relevant Government consultations to ensure the health needs of the Irish community are represented and heard.

Read our White Paper response in 2010 to NHS Reforms [HYPERLINK]

Dr. Mary Tilki, former Chair of Irish in Britain, also works with the National BME Cancer Alliance, a coalition of 20 charities, which all work towards improving the health outcomes for black and minority ethnic (BME) communities. The Alliance believes that more must be done to reduce the health inequalities experienced by BME communities affected by cancer.

Read the BME Cancer Alliance Charter