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Registered Charity 1092268

Health & Wellbeing

Irish in Britain have a long standing position in tackling health inequalities of the Irish community in Britain. We lobby policy makers to ensure that Irish health needs are included when planning for health and social care services. We engage with research and continuously campaign for mainstream health services to engage with the Irish community and improve access particularly for the most vulnerable. We have run workshops and training sessions on various health issues, especially those which are of most concern to the Irish community.

Unfortunately, because of the way ethnicity data is collected and analysed, there is a paucity of recent information about ill health in the Irish community in Britain. However, mortality statistics and older research data provide evidence of the poor health that persists among the Irish in England.

Below you can see some of the health issues with which Irish in Britain has engaged.

The Kings Fund hosts a Health & Wellbeing boards directory on their website. You can download the full list here