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Irish Voices – Learning Resource


Irish Voices Oral History Project: School and Community Learning Resource

As part of our Irish Voices community oral history project, we developed a school and community learning resource.  Using the resource you can explore ways of utilising the Irish Voices oral history narratives with young people in school and community settings. This rich topic provides an ideal starting point for secondary school students to explore themes of citizenship, identity, creativity and the history of the city of London and its people.  Download  our learning guide which provides teaching resources for developing creative projects with young people at key stages 2 and 3. The activities will help encourage students to generate their own discussions both about the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival as well as wider themes around immigrant communities in London. Through the resource and website, students will work to produce creative responses inspired by the stories, images and archive material from across the website. Learn more about our Irish Voices Project.