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Call out for volunteers for IIB Cuimhne film



Call for volunteers for a charity video to support people living with memory loss, their families friends and carers  – please can you help?

Filming Mary Tilki

Our lives are made up of memories, good and bad and all the colours in between.

We learn to be the editors of our own lives, making decisions about memories to treasure and memories we would like to leave behind.

Imagine what it might be like to find ourselves losing our memories of friends, events, places, memories that we dearly wish to hold onto, anchors of our identity.

Imagine what it might be like to live with memory loss.

Imagine what it might be like to begin to forget what we wish to remember about ourselves.

Our lives are unique journeys made up of shared moments, emotions, stories, struggles, achievements, pain, joy, love

Irish in Britain’s memory book “My Story” is a tool for each of us, for our friends, families, colleagues and the whole community to  explore our memories and identities, record precious memories and share our life stories with those we care about and the next generations.

It is also a special book that can help family members, friends, health workers and professional carers better get to know, understand and support those living with memory loss and dementia.

Irish in Britain is creating a special charity video to support the use of this tool and we are looking for people of diverse ages and backgrounds as well as those with an interest in Irish heritage to be involved in some London film–shooting.

If you live in London and may be  able to spare a couple of hours to help by sharing some thoughts on camera for our film please contact Zibiah/Sergio by emailing

Whilst we cannot pay for your time, we can reimburse out of pocket public transport expenses (within London) and all volunteers will be credited in our charity’s community film which will be made freely available online.