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Irish in Britain’s gives written evidence to government committee on Brexit



Brian Dalton

Brian Dalton, Irish in Britain’s CEO has given written evidence to the Exiting the European Union Commons Select Committee. 

Brian pointed out that “It is our experience that recent events such as the Windrush controversy and the so–called hostile environment have negatively impacted the Irish community’s confidence in reliance on the Common Travel Area. 

“Older and vulnerable populations are particularly anxious that they may have to demonstrate their rights to benefits, health care, and housing. Many within these groups fear they will not have the documentation required.”

You can read the full document on the parliament website here.

This follows the oral evidence given on behalf of Irish in Britain to the same Select Committee on 6 June by Mary Tilki, member and former Chair of Irish in Britain, and Trustee Catherine Hennessy.

Catherine Hennessey Catherine Hennessey told the committee, “we would recommend that Irish nationals are offered additional information on their rights within the common travel area by the UK authorities.” 

Mary Tilki

Mary Tilki described concerns that many in the Irish community have about their rights saying, “It is important that information gets out there in accessible formats for an older community.”

You can watch a recording of the Select Committee hearing here