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Green Hearts and Roses



Irish in Britain’s healthy hearts campaign, Green Hearts, is off to London Irish Centre tomorrow (Wednesday). From 10am volunteers will run a blood pressure screening session to raise awareness of the importance of blood pressure monitoring and a healthy lifestyle.

Roses exercising in parkThe London Roses (pictured exercising in Regent Park at the weekend) will attend, as will Dr Aisling Hillary, a former London Rose herself.  The Roses will help out taking the blood pressure and participate in the regular Get Moving Class at the LIC.

They will finish off with a healthy lunch and a chat with the LIC members!

Physical activity can help you avoid a range of health conditions including coronary heart disease. If you have a condition already, it can help you manage it better.

The Get Moving Class in the LIC is run by Ruth every Wednesday at 11am. As well as helping you move more, it’s a great opportunity to get out and about and meet other people.

Woulkd you like to get involved in the Green Hearts initiative? Contact Marie Dillon