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Irish in Britain Cultural Forum May 2018



Join us in Liverpool on 16 May for a day of training and discussion, featuring one–to–one sessions with representatives from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

harpThe Cultural Forum is an opportunity for all Irish in Britain members who run cultural events and activities to receive training, discuss issues, and collaborate with their colleagues. 

The focus of May’s forum is evaluation and learning, looking back at this year’s events and programmes to see what worked and what could be improved on. With St. Patrick’s Day and some of the biggest events in the Irish community behind us, now is the perfect opportunity to review how you learn from your events and programmes and how you incorporate that learning in the future.

The forum will begin with a presentation from Antonia Canal, an HLF development officer, and Louise Sutherland, the Development Manager for HLF Northwest. They will review best practices in funding bids and answer any questions you have about applying.

Following the workshop, you will have a chance to meet with one of them to receive feedback and advice on your project proposal. We encourage everyone attending to come with a project proposal in mind in order to take full advantage of this

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opportunity. Please register early as there are a limited number of time–slots available.

This session will work in tandem with the HLF Webinar on 24 April. The webinar is your chance to learn more about current HLF programmes and develop a project proposal, and the workshop will give you the opportunity to ask further questions and receive clarification on any outstanding issues.

Following the HLF one–to–ones, Diane West will lead an interactive workshop on Monitoring and Evaluation. The session will feature exercises and activities that will help you improve how you think about and plan your monitoring activities and how you incorporate the collected data.

The forum will take place on 16 May 2018 at the Liverpool Irish Centre, 6 Boundary Lane, L6 5JG, from 11am to 3.00pm. Refreshments and a light lunch will be served.