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How to improve gas safety for people you support in their homes



Cuimhne Champions Tina and Caroline and Coordinator Zibiah joined charity sector staff and volunteers, the fire service and local councils for a Think Carbon Monoxide workshop run by the Gas Safety Charity for organisations supporting people in their own homes.  Knowing the sources, signs and symptoms, and being able to manage the risks, helps our organisations support vulnerable people and ensure we meet our Duty of Care to our commu8nity members and volunteers.

This was an excellent workshop bringing together charity sector staff and volunteers, local councils, gas safety experts and the fire service and highlighted the importance of encouraging people to fit Carbon Monoxide detectors as well as smoke alarms.

Do you know the signs and symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning?  

What are the health risks associated with frequent, low level exposure to this odourless, invisible and toxic gas?  

Did you know exposure to carbon monoxide can increase risk of falls and signs of dementia?  

What would you think to do if someone you might meet through your community work and volunteering mentioned having constant headaches and tiredness?

What are the sources of Carbon Monoxide?  People may have boilers checked regularly but what about gas cookers burning with lazy yellow flames?  Did you know that even people living in all electric homes can experience carbon monoxide poisoning where CO enters from a neighbouring home?

There are lots of Carbon Monoxide alarms peddled on the internet? How can you tell a dodgy alarm from one that might save life?  Where are the best places to position alarms in the home?

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