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Irish in Britain 1st Annual Volunteer Awards



Irish in Britain is hosting the 1st annual awards for outstanding volunteers in the Irish community in Britain. These awards will showcase the phenomenal work that volunteers do in our community and honour up to eight individuals for their extraordinary contribution.

Volunteer on stall

Do you know an outstanding volunteer or group of volunteers? Do they volunteer for an Irish in Britain member? If so, nominate them for an award and help give them the recognition they deserve!




There are three categories for nomination:


Trustee (Committee or board member)

Group (2–6 individuals who regularly volunteer together)

The Awards Ceremony

The ceremony will take place on 4 June at the Irish embassy in London. Up to five finalists in each category will be invited to attend the awards, where they will have a chance to meet Adrian O’Neill, Ireland’s Ambassador to Britain, hear from special guests, and receive a gift for their contribution to the community.

Winners in each category will receive a commemorative trophy and a unique gift for their outstanding contribution.

How to Nominate

Nominations will open on 26 March and can be submitted until 24 April. Up to five finalists will be chosen for a short–list of candidates in each category. Finalists will be announced 8 May.

Please read the full details of the event here.