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We’re launching Step UP, our new framework funded by the National Lottery, Awards For All scheme



We’re launching Step UP, our new framework funded by the National Lottery, Awards For All scheme.

Irish in Britain's framework Step UP

Step UP is a set of standards designed to improve the capacity of small community, voluntary organisations, clubs and societies. It’s an opportunity for members to reflect on how they manage their group and sets goals for you to work towards. 

The aim is to enhance your ability to survive and be active, vibrant hubs, offering high quality services and to ultimately improve the lives of people benefiting from your services.

There are 12 standards and members will be certified for every three stages they complete. The good news is, you can complete them in any order.

We want to help you build a strong foundation in offering high quality services and a supportive learning environment for staff, volunteers and committee members.

Working through Step UP will also improve your chances of success with funders because you will be better prepared and able to show that your group is well run. Once you have met the standards, we’d be happy to give you a supporting statement when you apply for funding. To top it off, it’s free for our members.

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We’re inviting a cross–section of our members to take part in our exciting new framework. Come to our launch on 27th September in London and 16th October in Birmingham to find out more about it. We’ll be launching as part of a wider workshop we’re running including a section led by the Heritage Lottery Fund. 

The framework will shortly be available on our website. Contact us for more information and to reserve your place at the launch which will be combined with a workshop by the Heritage Lottery Fund about the opportunities available and a fundraising session.