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It’s World Alzheimers Month and we need your help



request for help from the community Alzheimers Awareness Month

September is World Alzheimer’s Month and we want to create something special. We want to empower, motivate and inspire those who experience memory loss and the people close to them. 

So we’re introducing part one of our Patchwork Series, which brings together interesting ideas from people in the community experiencing memory loss and those engaged in supporting those people. This may be a carer, family member or an organisation, or perhaps it’s someone who performed an act of kindness and wants to share something they learnt. 

We’re asking for short quotes, less than 50 words, along with an image. If you don’t want your personal image, we’ll think of something artistic to go with the text. We’re happy to come over to take a photo if you’re in London.

Perhaps its words of compassion, a direct experience, a tip or a note of frustration.

Please help us over the next few weeks by sharing this news and sending through a picture with a quote to Please include your full name.

We look forward to all the wonderful insights to come and while we can’t guarantee that we can include everything received, we will certainly try! 

Let us know if you have any questions

Please ensure permission to use both the image and quote has been obtained before sending the information over.