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Finally some feel–good shopping with



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Shop via EasyFundraising to ensure a portion of your spending goes to a good cause.

It’s easy to get carried away when shopping whether on or offline. As many of us know, this has an irritating way to make us feel guilty, but now there is an opportunity for redemption.

By doing your everyday shopping via the Easy Fundraising site a portion of your spending can go towards a good cause. You only pay for what you buy while the retailer donates a portion towards the cause you choose.

We’ve signed up so that if you do shop through the Easyfunding site you can contribute towards our Cuimhne project for older people with memory loss.

See the Easyfundraising website for more information on the cause and to sign up to start shopping. Use this link to raise money for our cause in particular. 

You can shop in hundreds of outlets including Amazon, Tesco Direct, Argos and B&Q. 

Who said all shopping was materialistic…