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We want to gain an understanding of the financial controls in place at your organisation

Help us understand the current financial controls in place at your organisation so we have an idea of its financial health. You can complete this anonymously.

In recent years, charities have faced a great deal of scrutiny over their financial policies following a number of scandals around questionable financial practices. 

Now more than ever, it is important to ensure that financial policies are effective, correspond to legal requirements, and are above all, followed. This should include an effective reserves policy, which ensures that an organisation has sufficient funds to survive financial trouble or to shut–down properly.  

click here iconPlease complete this short survey to help us gain an understanding of the current financial controls in place at our member organisations, and the actions boards are taking to ensure a robust financial policy. It will not require that you disclose specific financial details and can be filled in anonymously. It is simply meant to get an impression of the organisation’s overall financial health.