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Volunteer Testimonials | Irish in Britain

Robert Walsh was a Policy Intern with Irish in Britain for 2 months in early 2014. This is what he had to say about his time with us…

‘My experience working with Irish in Britain has been extremely educational, insightful, and fun. When I first arrived I was introduced to the staff and had a rundown on the history of the organization as well as our importance to the Irish community in Britain. Soon after I was briefed on what my role in the organization would be and what my project was. At first it seemed a bit intimidating, researching a system which had virtually no idea about, but I was started out slow to test the waters. Soon enough I was tearing through JSNAs and analysing the data without any apprehension. Somewhere in that process I found serious motivation in knowing that this report will go to helping people attain the services and care they need. I was also very glad with the independence that was given to me with the project, I felt that everyone trusted me to do a good job and therefore I was more comfortable to accomplish my tasks. As for the project itself, it was really interesting and a little sad to see that the work that Irish in Britain had been working towards wasn’t as effective as they’d hoped. Looking back on my time spent with Irish in Britain I feel like the time has gone by too fast and that I wish I had more time to help with other research and projects that are being conducted. Compared to the United States, the work environment is much more relaxed and friendly. If I had the chance I would love to come back and work for this organization again.’


You can download a copy of Roberts report here