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Membership Pack | Irish in Britain

The Membership Application/Renewal form is part of the Membership Pack.

Our Member Organisations are at the heart of Irish in Britain. We are proud that more than 100 organisations choose to renew their membership each year and we welcome new member organisations throughout the year.

If you wish to apply to join Irish in Britain you can download of an application form. Email your completed form to or print out and post to Irish in Britain, Haringey Irish Centre, Pretoria Road, London N17 8DX

Irish in Britain makes a difference to the lives and experiences of Irish people across Britain.

Being a Member of Irish in Britain is about…

• Being a part of the only national strategic Irish network for the Irish in Britain
• Benefiting from organisational support subsidised by the Irish government
• Accessing advice from an organisation that understands your cultural heritage, approach and concerns
• Building a stronger Irish community voice and ensuring your community group is part of this voice
• Making national connections

What do we do
Irish in Britain remains true to our roots. Established in 1973 we were created by the Irish community, for the Irish community.

We lead
Through a shared vision we strive to galvanise action for the benefit of the Irish community in Britain

We connect
Linking people and organisations within our community with opportunities initiatives and solutions

We listen
To the voices and opinions that make up the Irish community in Britain and respond through our words and actions

We champion
Supporting and representing the most vulnerable in our community and promote the strengths and contributions the Irish make in Britain

We celebrate
What it means to be Irish in Britain today