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Cancer Awareness Roadshows 2011

In 2011 Irish in Britain delivered a series of Cancer Awareness roadshows in Ethnic Minority Cancer Awareness Week.

Four events took place between July and October in Oxford, Bexley, Milton Keynes and London. The events were made possible through a grant from Cancer Equality linked to Ethnic Minority Cancer Awareness Week which takes place in July each year.

For at least ten years, research has shown that there are particularly high levels of cancer within the Irish community. Death from cancer is significantly higher in the Irish community than in most other communities and older Irish people often only seek help when the illness has progressed quite significantly, only to find their condition is no longer treatable. 

Over 150 people attended the four events which provided an informal opportunity for people to find out about the benefits of early diagnosis, screening, and treatment. Volunteers and healthcare workers from Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer and Bowel Cancer charities – specific cancers that have a high prevalence within the Irish Community – were on hand to give short talks and answer people’s questions.

Jennie McShannon CEO, Irish in Britain highlighted:“We know that cancer rates within the Irish community are worryingly high and we have been pressing the government to ensure that the Irish are included in their cancer strategy. Being able to run these events provided a welcome opportunity to work with the sector and with our members to highlight the issue, and the importance of Irish people accessing local screening services. Early detection can significantly reduce the devastating effect of cancer. We are targeted the older Irish Community but continue to encourage everyone keep up to date with screening that is available.”