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Irish Survivors in Britain

Funding from St Stephens Green Trust has enabled Irish in Britain to work in partnership with survivor’s networks and support organisations across the country.

This project brings people together, raises awareness of the issues, and provides an online information website where groups can promote their own activities and campaigns.

Alongside a dedicated website (Irish Survivors in Britain) the project also provide a network. information and support.


Survivor support groups said they wanted an opportunity to come together at national events so we have promoted regional and national network events, and enabled the setting up of local networks / support groups in areas where none exist, as demand required.

Networking events have created an opportunity for those survivors who wished to meet up and share how their own local networks have enabled them to move forward, or to take up issues of collective concern – including making constructive representation to the Irish government about the new proposals and how those proposals will work for UK based Survivors. 


The website continues to provide information, and helps create an opportunity to inform, update and promote all groups. It helps form a broad network of survivor support groups in the UK, focused on supporting and assisting Survivors on a range of issues – from moving forward to understanding the changes that affect them including financial arrangements for the Statutory Fund ‘Caranua’ to be available in 2014. 


Many survivors have come together to meet locally and informally and say that groups have a positive impact on their well–being. 

The project supports isolated individuals to set up local self–support groups where none exist in areas such as in Leicester. People have found comfort in coming together to share their experiences and some of their fears as they become older and have to deal with a new set of issues. 


Irish Survivors in Britain is funded by:

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