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Registered Charity 1092268

Green Hearts

Cultivating health, wellbeing and relationships within the Irish community in Britain.

The aim of Irish in Britain’s Green Hearts initiative is to develop and lead a collaborative, culturally sensitive and nationwide heart health campaign that improves the health, well–being and healthy years of life among the Irish community in Britain.

Heart Health

Heart health is a sizeable concern for the Irish community with clear evidence of excess, and in some cases increasing, mortality among Irish men and women from coronary heart disease, hypertension and stroke. Research also suggests that that high levels of cardiovascular disease in the Irish community probably increase the risk of vascular dementia. 

Although the risk of heart disease increases with age, we know that many contributing factors to poor heart health are lifestyle habits evolved over the course of a person’s lifespan. Many of the risk factors for poor heart health are also the same as those associated with diseases such as cancer.

The good news is that it’s never too early or too late to start making positive changes for your heart, and when we look after our heart we automatically help reduce the risk of many other common health issues.


Prevention is at core of Irish in Britain’s approach to heart health, with a focus on promoting positive lifestyle changes, social inclusion, early detection and promoting a shift in awareness and attitudes.

Understanding the culture, beliefs, values and experiences of the Irish community in Britain is essential in the development and delivery of the Green Hearts message. Continuing to evolve new and existing partnerships and collaborations between organisations, our intention is to diversify Green Hearts’ reach and impact the Irish community on a local and national scale. 

Developing and implementing innovative, dynamic and peer–led projects that resonate with the hearts and minds of communities is central to Green Hearts success and longevity.


Green Hearts Challenge: show your heart some love

There are so many way to improve your heart and overall health. Download our healthy habits tracker and take up the challenge to build some new habits into your day to day routine.  

Here is a brochure with a whole range of tips and advice on how small changes can make big differences to your health.