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Registered Charity 1092268

Votes for Irish Citizens Abroad


Votes for Irish Citizens Abroad (VICA) is a campaign of members of London’s Irish communities calling for the right of Irish citizens living outside the island of Ireland to vote in general elections in the Republic of Ireland. VICA wants the rights enjoyed by citizens of at least 115 countries throughout the world – all of whom have voting rights in national elections when living abroad – to be extended to Irish citizens. This campaign is supported by many Irish citizens across the globe, including the USA, Australia and Ireland.

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VICA submission 1 – Makes case for overseas votes in presidential elections 

VICA submission 2 – Overseas votes should be part of electoral reform of the Dail 

VICA submission 3 – Calls for amendment to electoral law

After campaigning by Irish in Britain, VICA and considering individual submissions the Constitutional Convention voted in September 2013 to recommend voting rights for Irish citizens living outside the State.