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Constitutional Convention

What is the Constitutional Convention?

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Read a message from Chairman, Tom Arnold

Terms of Reference (pdf)

Ireland’s Constitution

On 1 July 1937, the people approved a new Constitution, Bunreacht na hÉireann, replacing the 1922 Constitution of the Irish Free State. The Constitution sets out basic laws describing how Ireland should be governed, the main institutions of the State and the rights and fundamental freedoms of citizens. It also reflects the values at the heart of Irish society.

Over the past 75 years the Constitution has been amended a number of times, by the people, to reflect historical and societal change.

Read more about the history of the Constitution

Submissions to the Convention

Hundreds of submissions from the public were received by the Convention and made available on the web site. You can read about any of the topics scheduled for discussion.

Read the Fifth Report of the Convention: “Amending the Constitution to give citizens resident outside the State the right to vote in Presidential elections at Irish embassies, or otherwise”

Convention meetings in 2014

The Convention has decided to hold two further meetings in February 2014. These will discuss (i) Dail reform and (ii) Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. See the press release.

Contact the Convention

Constitutional Convention Secretariat
16 Parnell Square East,
Dublin 1