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Cuimhne Cup | Irish in Britain

The Cuimhne Cup Final

Irish in Britain have teamed up with St. Finbarrs social and sports Club in Coventry to run a sports project aimed at Irish men over the age of 45.

On July 25th 2015, and for the second year in a row, teams of seven, playing fifteen minutes aside, light Gaelic football will come to Coventry to compete in the final for the Cuimhne Cup. We welcome all generations of Irish supporters to attend. On the day we will have dance sets, music, table games such as dominoes, cards etc, pool tournaments and activities for children such as beat the goalie and rock climbing. Food and bar will be available.

Teams can sign up by contacting Charlotte Curran and supporters can just turn up on the day.

We aim to have a variety of local health services in attendance providing information and advice on all aspects of health. Irish student Nurses will also be there to support. The Fire–brigade will bring their engine for Children to explore. 

Why the Cuimhne Cup?

The Irish community are all heart but we are not great at looking after this vital organ that makes us the greatest community in the world. Without our hearts we are nobody. So let’s think of how we can be kinder to this vital organ that make us so very special. We can help our hearts to stay healthy by reducing the risks of developing cardiovascular disease with some aged old medicine. Go and take exercise weekly– walking jogging running, swimming, tennis, football. Maybe we could think about how often we eat those fatty fries that we love! Really do we need them? our hearts is saying please no as it clogs up the arteries which in turn stops or reduces the blood flow carrying the equivalent of dinner to the heart made up of oxygen and nutrients. To help our hearts we can reduce fat in our diets, stopping or reducing smoking will have it singing. When you are about to have another drink and your mind is questioning it listen to your heart. It is again telling you please no as this can increase blood pressure and sometimes I cannot cope with that extra work.

Look after your heart and your heart will look after you for years and years.


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