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Cuimhne training: April 2017 Blog

Irish in Britain welcomed staff from the London Irish Centre for the Cuimhne Dementia Awareness Training.

Cuimhne training in action

Congratulations to the Welfare Team of the London Irish Centre who undertook the Dementia Awareness Training on 2 March 2017 facilitated by Dr Mary Tilki at the New Horizon Youth Centre in London.

The team was led by Director of Welfare, Caitriona Carney; Well–being Manager Dane Buckley and other staff members: Marcella Doyle, Yolanda Keogh, Margaret Kiely, Maureen Draper, Maria Conroy and Cathy Coleman.

The London Irish Centre Welfare Team play a vital role in supporting the needs of vulnerable Irish across London, particularly elderly people who are the most susceptible to memory loss. The participants presented an enthusiastic openness to absorbing the expertise that Dr Tilki offered on the practical ways that individuals and organisations can take to be more prepared and welcoming for people with memory loss.

The workshop lasted from 10 to 3pm, with a range of activities incorporated throughout the day to offer a stimulating understanding of what those with memory loss encounter. The interactive nature of the tasks and discussions during the workshop enabled participants to share experiences and knowledge.

See the positive feedback by the Welfare Team from the London Irish Centre showing that they are now better prepared to meet the needs of those with memory loss thanks to the Dementia Awareness Training:

I have a much better understanding of the disease and of the cultural sensitivity after the workshop

Was helpful to see things from the carer’s side as well as someone with memory loss dementia

I will be able to identify and better understand why people with dementia display certain behaviours and problems

I will give more time to understand why they are saying, doing the same things

I will aim to listen more carefully and try to be more understanding I will explain to other people why they may be saying doing the same things

I enjoyed ………the informal and informative setting – all of it. It was meaningful but fun

To find out about further training opportunities or become an a Cuimhne Champion contact the Volunteer Coordinator on 020 3903 0985 or email at