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Registered Charity 1092268

Campaigns | Irish in Britain

We base our campaigns on research and are driven to lead on vital initiatives that are in the best interest of the whole community.

We are the national representative organisation for the Irish voluntary and community sector across Britain. As the lynchpin of the Irish community, we provide crucial support and advice to our members on policy, funding, governance and sustainability. To base our actions in evidence, we undertake research into the needs of the most vulnerable in our community and represent those to the highest levels of Government in Britain and Ireland. In addition to our lobbying work, we are actively involved in promoting Irish culture, creating Irish connections and campaigning for good Irish health.

Our Cuimhne Strategy is among our most successful health campaigns; it began as a way of tackling the lack of suitable care and support for older Irish people with memory loss and their carers. It is now a national initiative identified as a beacon of best practice within the sector that is engaging older people’s services, businesses, community media and volunteers equally amongst new Irish migrants and those who have been her for generations.

In addition to Cuimhne, our past campaigns have given a voice to Irish people on the census; promoted cancer awareness and connected Irish Survivors in Britain.