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Registered Charity 1092268

Who we are

The Irish community is made up of many inspirational organisations and individuals but what is our role in this community?

Why do we exist?

We exist as the keystone of our community: the organisation that people look to for leadership; the organisation that makes things happen and we do this by working with others and providing a central and cohesive source of ideas, support and direction.

We are driven by the creativity and energy of our members and wider community and value their expertise and knowledge. We thrive on this to create conversations to lead, champion and connect the Irish in Britain.

We have purposefully used the word ‘keystone’ to create a stand out proposition about what we do and why we exist. We are more than an ‘umbrella’ group, more than just a ‘representative body’ and not just the sole ‘voice’ for the community. We are the keystone – a vital part that connects and reflects the whole community.


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Established back in 1973 when the Northern and Southern Federations came together to create a single national body, our purpose was to bring together these many voices – to share expertise, to represent, to campaign for and support the growth and well–being of your community and the infrastructure around it.

This offer stands today. The clubs, groups, services and societies and the individuals that make up our membership play an integral part in bringing ‘Irish in Britain’ to life.  

We deliver work in a number of different areas: